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Cotton Silence has been the most effective soundproofing curtain on the market for 5 consecutive years. It is the only one to display its acoustic report because its performance is validated to European standards by an independent laboratory.


Weight :

1.55 Kg/m²

Either 5.4 Kg for a height of 2.45 m and 6.0 Kg for a height of 3.00 m




Fixing with snail hooks on rail will reduce the width of the curtain by 5 to 10 cm depending on the number of attachment points and the weight of the curtain.

The ecargot hooks must be fixed in the pockets of the ruflette and not on the drawstrings.

In version eyelets for rod the width of the installed curtain is reduced by approximately 35% with the rings.

For optimal performance, it is preferable to plan a little wider to properly cover the areas to be insulated.


Track finish

WIDTH => 75 cm / 145 cm

WIDTH folded (with tieback) 75 cm = 25 cm / 145 cm = 35 cm

Eyelet finish

WIDTH => 75 cm / 145 cm

WIDTH folded (with tieback) 75 cm = 25 cm / 145 cm = 35 cm


Tailoring time :

6 to 12 days


(Rail not supplied)

Cotton Silence Curtain

PriceFrom €489.00
VAT Included
  • TECHNICAL SHEET  Cotton Silence® curtains for individuals

    Range for individual customers

    Technical information:

    • Attenuation index  max:  24.6dB
    • Attenuation index  global  Rw = 14dB
    • Weight per m²: 1.55  kg/m²
    • Thickness: 10  mm
    • Patented acoustic multi-layer interior
    • Finishes: 100% polyester velvet fabrics
    • Haute ruflette confection: pleats
    • Upper eyelet construction: flat
    • Bottom construction: hem 
    • Fixing method:  snail hooks  or carnations
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