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The benefits of our acoustic solution:




We've created a consumer version of our popular Cotton Silence™ curtain to provide the best soundproofing curtain possible for individuals.


Its light weight makes it easy and quick to install.

It is a real curtain with a beautiful pleat and an elegant fall to the ground.

Premium textiles have excellent durability.


High soundproofing performance coupled with high sound absorption power make the Cotton Silence sound curtain way above the competition.  


Cotton Silence technology is based on its patented interior multilayer .

Our professional range is also available for architects and planners.

Who are Cotton Silence curtains for?

Cotton Silence ® curtains or multilayers are aimed at all those wishing to have an elegant and effective acoustic solution for their interior.


Cotton Silence® is also an ecological commitment which is reflected in our desire for localism.


With Made in France, in addition to committing to employment in the regions, we choose to limit transport distances and operate on a short circuit that saves carbon emissions.

Stand out, be unique...

The flexibility of sound curtains allows spaces to be closed and opened freely offering great versatility of use.


Express beauty, bring refinement and a touch of softness.

Cotton Silence™ curtains in addition to being acoustically effective are above all beautiful.


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